Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -31 August 2009

Well last week was such a write-off! I don't think I made more than 2 items that was on the menu. I wasn't planning on spending so much time at my MIL's taking care of corn and pork sales. Oh well, it had to be done. Hopefully I can spend some more time at home this week. I need to make more pickled beets and get the icicle pickles started. Not to mention clean this mess.


chicken cacciatore and roast potatoes -this simmers unattended, so I should be able to get this done even though we have pork to weigh and label -thank Heaven's for Grandma's help with that

We having a "Not Back to School" picnic with the new Pembroke area homeschool group. I can't wait for Ella to meet some other children. Daddy will have his usual pb & honey sandwich.

pork chops -I may marinate them with the souvlaki marinade from last week. It was yummy.


bbq meatballs -I may try these in the crock pot or else I'll use the MIL's oven

I have to have an ultrasound this afternoon. When I was pregnant with Ella, the u/s techs would always ask "did anyone ever tell you you have fibroids", so my RPN has finally decided to look into it. We'll likely just have sandwiches to be quick.

pork stir fry

hot dogs

leftover meatballs

leftover stir fry

turkey casserole (in freezer) -made the same as the leftover chicken casserole but with turkey


bacon and eggs

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Anonymous said...

bbq meatballs is a dish I've made in the crockpot- it cooks pretty fast too, 4 hours is plenty. It's so easy to toss the frozen meatballs we buy in with some sauce and leave it! I usually make some rice for them to go over.