Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a Week!

27 Aug -So much for any plans I had this week. Even my menu went out the window. Ella and I have spent the week over at my MIL's "minding" the corn and pork sales. The corn is supposed to be self-serve, but people up here don't seem to like it. The pork, of course, is kept under lock and key. I did manage to get some fruit relish made. We had such a beautiful day and the MIL's house catches the breeze so well -I couldn't turn down such a good relish making day. I've also been feeding Colin's Dad, since his Mom is in Ottawa recovering from having her knee replaced. She's doing really well. It's amazing how soon they get you up and walking. My Mom's had both of her's replaced.

28 Aug -We left the corn unattended and headed off to the 150th annual Cobden Fair. Luckily we had 2 free passes. It's no wonder the Fair is going broke. They charged $10 just to let Ella in!!! She's 3 for goodness sake!!!!!! There were only 3 midway rides she fit/I let her on.!!!!!!!
As you can see, though, she's having a blast! We couldn't get to the midway fast enough to get to the merry-go-round.
The first time we were the only ones on. The guy running the ride was great and obviously loves kids. He chatted with Ella and acted like the horses were real. She was grinning like crazy and shouting "wheeeeeeee" the whole time.

I think I've created a "ride monster" she loved the kiddy roller coaster. She screamed even louder than the "big girls" that were riding behind us. Grandma could hear her over everybody. We had to ride that one twice. Auntie Belinda will be happy to hear Ella loves coasters. I'm not a real coaster person (too short for the restraints to fit right, really get shook around) I like the ones that go around; i.e., tea cups, scrambler, alpine express. I think Ella will like those ones when she gets a little bigger.
At the bouncy castle we found her little skating friend Gracie. Gracie's mommy and Ella's Daddy went to school together. I didn't recognize Gracie at first -she wore a full helmet and face mask at skating :) It was hard to get bouncy pictures.

Ella didn't want to leave. We had to tell her about the Renfrew Fair that's coming up in September. A young lad buys pigs from Daddy to raise for the show, so Daddy always goes to Renfrew Fair to see how the pigs place and how they do at the auction.

29 August -today we are off to Pembroke. Grandma Isobel was finally transferred up to the Pembroke Hospital Rehab Centre. She was supposed to leave Ottawa at 2 yesterday, but she didn't get up here till nearly 8pm (it's only 1 1/2 hour drive). We're going to the library too, there is a curriculum I want to use for Ella, but I want to make sure the books are available. I did get some beautiful books yesterday. They are by Usborne. I hadn't heard of them before.

UPDATE: out of the 2 pages of books, there were only a small handful of books that were not available at the library -hurray!! And, since the books are mostly Canadian, it's likely that the library will be able to order them in from other/larger libraries. I'm very excited.


Kimberly said...

Looks like fun! - I know they charge so much for everyone to get into those fairs. We are going on a day to our fair where admission is $2/person just for that reason. We have to pay for parking too. No rides or games for us as those are $3-$5 each, that seems crazy to me!

Paula said...

The rides were included in the price. But you would think they could come up with a senior or child price for those who don't ride.