Monday, December 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -11 December 2017

We got a bit of snow on the weekend, but Colin is still going to try to finish combining Dad’s corn.  Sure hope he can get it done, he’s more than ready to be done.  We want Daddy to be done too.  We’re going for our Christmas tree when Daddy’s done the corn!
Merry arrived for her Advent visit.  Now we’ll have to watch for elf mischief.  Ella and Faith love when Merry visits.
How’s your Christmas prep coming?  I’m struggling with getting the house clean and haven’t started any baking.  I’m not sure what’s wrong this year.  I DO have all my shopping finished so that’s a big plus.
I did get the table cleared off and our Advent wreath set up in time for supper last night (ignore the cranky tween, she was hangry).
sandwiches -probably in the field with Daddy (-25C windchill today)
leftover Chinese from the weekend (something else for picky Ella)
supper out -last Guide meeting till new year
beef stew -new recipe
French toast
leftover stew
crock pot goose!
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Crafting On - December 5 2017

Crafting On this week is some custom knitting.  One of my friends from back in my stock brokerage day asked about me knitting a winter set for her grandson.
Luckily, Flickr has the ‘denim’ filter.  I couldn’t get the cables to show on the black.  I used the South End Knitters toque pattern because she wanted cables (she wants a pom-pom too, will have to figure this out).   The mittens are a basic pattern with X and O cables.  The scarf is just basic, I call it ‘mistake rib’ because it’s basically a k2 p2 rib, BUT you start with 1 extra stitch at the beginning of each row so that only 1 stitch of the rib matches up.  It makes a very stretchy, cozy scarf.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Crafting On -29 November 2017

Crafting On this week with one last Christmas project.  Ella needs some new fingerless gloves so of course, I had to make them Minecraft.
I couldn’t find a pattern so I made my own.  For the glove base, I’m using this pattern.  For those out of the loop, these are creepers, they sneak along at night and eventually blow up.  The pattern is a little snug fitting.  I would use a slightly larger gauge if I was making these for people with larger (not small) hands.
I frogged my blue sweater.  I had my sister buy the wrong yarn last year and I just can’t make it work out right.  So I’m using the basic saddle sweater patternfrom my top-down sweater book.  I’ve also made the gauge tighter.  I love these patterns, but I can’t seem to be able to knit them as written (though this time was my fault).

Monday, November 27, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -27 November 2017

Colin's off combining corn again today.  We had snow last night so he wasn't sure, but we had enough wind overnight to shake off the snow.  Hopefully the ground will hold, the ground isn't frozen and it's supposed to get warm later this week.
Ella's got homeschool bowling later this week, that's always fun.  Getting ready to start our Christmas baking and enjoying the Advent season starting on Sunday.  This year the Santa Claus parade in Renfrew is an evening one.  That will be interesting.
tuna sandwiches
roast beef (from frozen because I forgot)
hot beef
beef sandwiches
shepherd's pie
supper in Renfrew
roast chicken
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crafting On -21 November 2017

Last month McDonald’s had their annual Monopoly game.  I won a 3 month subscription to Texture, which is a magazine reading service.  I downloaded a bunch of magazines to take to camp.  I now remember why I stopped buying magazines.  They aren’t interesting any more and are just full of things to buy.  Very disappointing.  I used to enjoy picking up the odd magazine.
For Crafting On this week you’ll think I didn’t do any work.
I ripped out my work from last week.  The 2.75 mm needles were making the ‘fabric’ too stiff and I didn’t like it at all.  So I’ve gone up to a 4 mm.  My scarf is about the same size as it was last week but much nicer.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -20 November 2017

My kitchen looks like a bomb went off.  Camp stuff is everywhere.  Camp was OK.  Though something happens that I just don't understand.  EVERY TIME we have camp girls that Ella considers her best friends turn all cliquey and exclude her and whisper about her and hurt her so much.  I know why the one does it, she's not used to staying up past 8 and gets very moody when tired.  But I don't get it from the others.  Also, the ones doing have more than enough quirks to pick on themselves so you would think they would be kinder.  Ella has one friend that tries to stand up for her, but she gets picked on too.  I've actually told Ella she doesn't have to do camp any more -which is sad because that's such a part of Girl Guides.

Nothing much planned this week.  Just getting everything put back away.  Ella's at Grandma's for a couple of days, she really missed Grandma when she was in Bowmanville.

?? don't know what Colin is doing today
smoked ham
German pancakes
tomato potato soup
leftover ham
ham sandwiches
chicken roll-ups
Sunday:  Stir-Up Sunday
?? something easy since the oven will be busy baking our Christmas cake and we'll be busy all day

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Crafting On -14 November 2017

Started a new project.  I need some new purse knitting.  This pattern was written for worsted sized yarn but I thought I’d try it with sock yarn.  I repeated the lace and cable pattern to make it wide enough.
I don’t think it looks so busy in person.
I haven’t been reading any ‘books’ this week.  I have been enjoying some really old cook books.  I have found a way to send the digital copy to my kindle.  There are lots and lots on Pinterest, like this and this.