Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Crafting On -10 October 2017

Thanksgiving over at the in-laws yesterday.  Supper was good and I didn’t have to do any dishes.
Colin was hoping for a combine day, but the fog, mist, overcast didn’t burn off until just before supper.  Foggy again this morning.  We need some clear days.
I finished the project I can’t share.  It’s much better with the changes I made.  The Christmas sweater is coming along nicely.  It’s going to be really tight with the yarn.  Going up a size really made a difference on yardage requirements.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -2 October 2017

I’ve discovered Colin’s magic number for lighting the outdoor corn furnace 64F/17.7C.   I’m glad the outdoor furnace is so much easier to turn on and off.  If we still had the corn stove in the basement Colin would never have put on the heat this weekend.  Supposed to get hot again this week, so I’ll enjoy the cool now.
chicken casserole
The rest of the week I’ll decide later, depending on what the weather decides to do.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Crafting On -26 September 2017

As per usual, the hot and stinking weather really puts a crimp in my knitting output.
I know the colours are a bit weird, but the living room is dark trying to keep cool.  Finished one of Grandma’s socks. And worked a few more inches on the sweater.  I picked up a book at our local gas station.  It was pretty good, I finished it in 2 days.  It’s called ‘The Runaway Family‘.  I’m not sure if I told you about the ‘Sisters of St.Croix‘ but it’s the same author.
That’s all for Crafting On today.  Hope you are staying cool.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -25 September 2017

After the summer we’ve had, who would have thought we’d be under a heat warning (all weekend too).  The desk weather station hit 43C (109F) on the weekend.  But it’s not the first hot September and I doubt it will be the last.  In fact, it has been fabulous for the crops.
Between the heat (which continues until Wednesday), Colin combining, and running Grandma and Ella around we don’t have much of an actual ‘plan’ this week.  I cooked the beef roast much later in the week last week, so we’ve got bits of that to use up.  Probably some hamburgers too.  If Friday continues looking quiet, I’ll roast a chicken.  I should be able to use the oven by then.
What’s it doing where you are?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Crafting On -19 September 2017

Not too much knitting this week for Crafting On.  Though I did find a cool new dish cloth pattern.
They were fun and easy.  I did get a bit more work done on the body of the sweater.
I’ve been doing some Kindle reading this week.  I’m glad we got the Kindle for school work.  It all started with Children to a Degree, which is free right now on Kindle.  It’s about a young boy growing up in Germany and being part of the Hitler Youth.  It was so good I bought Loyal to a Degree and now I’m working on Trust to a Degree.  They have all been really good and show’s how the ‘common’ German really felt -even with the brainwashing of the HY.
Here’s the whirligig I got Colin at the Plowing Match:
“If it ain’t red, it ain’t in the shed”

Monday, September 18, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -18 September 2017

Wow, was it hot on the weekend.   Colin and I went to the County Plowing Match.  It was so much better than it's been other years.  We stayed long enough for me to get burnt.  I forgot my sunscreen.  Guess I didn't use it enough this summer and I never thought of it.  Though other years we never stay long enough at the Plowing Match to get burnt.

Nothing too exciting going on this week.  School, archery, Guides, and swimming.  Ella hopes we'll go to the library before Guides so she can get some internet gaming time.  Our first truck load of wheat is going out today.  Still have the wheat on the Dennison farm to combine.  It's being a little slow to dry.

leftover calzones
stuffed chicken
roast beef on BBQ
leftover roast beef
tuna sandwiches
chicken Parmesan
something with the leftover beef

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Farmer Misceif

If Farm Girl Friday still existed, I'd save these for tomorrow.  But since there isn't, might as well show you today.

The silver poplar (remember) was rubbing on the combine, so what's a farmer to do:

Since there are no power lines nearby, you grab the chain saw and climb on top of the combine!

At least it's a better idea than standing in the bucket of the front end loader, which was the other suggestion.