Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Yarn Along/Crafting On -11 December 2018

Hey look a Yarn Along/Crafting On post -and it’s not socks!
It’s the impossible to photograph sweater for Grandma!!  I forget which filter I used on my phone to finally get a decent picture.  I think I’m just about done the body and ready to start the bottom edge, then on to the sleeves.  Not sure it’s getting finished before Christmas.  Good thing Grandma doesn’t mind a present on needles.
I was going to show you what I made for my swap partner, but somehow I forgot to take any pictures.  Not sure how that happened.   I made her a sock baggiewith some of the blue from Ella’s afghan.  I also made a small flurry of snowflakes like these.  I made a small shawl -good for tucking in a winter coat.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -10 December 2018

I love having the house all done up for Christmas!  Colin and I ran into Pembroke yesterday and picked up a couple of little strands of lights for the new garland in the living room.  They look like 'vintage' bulbs from when we were kids (but LED of course).  Colin really likes the new garland because it doesn't hang down as far and he doesn't have to duck every time he walks out of the room.
I really need to get started on my Christmas baking.  I would have started today, but it's groceries tonight and I ran out of time.  Here's a fun picture with my baking helper from a few years ago...
I made the chicken later in the week than scheduled, so we're still finishing up chicken.
hot chicken sandwich
magic chicken pie
Autumn chowder (maybe with the last of the chicken?)
spaghetti and meatballs (from freezer)
smoked ham -new recipe for the crock pot
ham sandwiches
leftover chicken pie
leftover ham
beefsteak pie
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Saturday, December 8, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

This is why farmers don't make plans (Colin comes up with ideas, not plans).  Colin bought a 'new to him' cultivator and it was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.  So we planned thought we'd go get our tree on Thursday, before the cold weather arrived on Friday.  We had decided to get our tree a little earlier this year.  The firs last so long and look so pretty, I hate to take them down after the Christmas holiday.  Some years our tree stays up well into January -even though it takes up valuable living room space.   Monday we still hadn't had confirmation from the trucker so Colin called the salesman.  Well, it seems the trucker didn't pick up the cultivator until last Friday.  There was no way it was getting to our house for Tuesday, 'probably Thursday'.  So quick change of plans and we headed out for our tree on Tuesday.
We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  The temperature was perfect (-1C) , just a nice bit of snow on the ground, and picture perfect flakes falling down.
This is a picture from our first time at Cedar Hill Tree Farm, back in 2012.  Look how young Ella looks!
And here's the picture from this year!  Sigh...
The scenic route to the tree field.
Future Christmas trees.
Apparently it was exhausting finding the perfect tree.  That's Ella on the sled.
Though, she found energy for tubing.
She's still moving in this one.  She got a great distance.
And the long hike back up the hill.
Back inside for a hot lunch.
Ella had to be patted-down for bunnies before we left.  The one bunny was adorable.  It would hop over and reach up to Ella, just like a cat!  I've never seen one want to be picked up and snuggled.

As usual, it's hard to get the whole tree in the picture because my living room is so small.  The trunk has a bit of a dip which makes the tree look like it's leaning towards the corner a bit.  It's not too noticeable in person.  I think we need more lights.  I also wish they wouldn't trim the trees so much.  They are getting a bit thick for my taste.
Thursday was St. Nicholas' day and Merry decided that would be a good day to finally arrive.  She brought a bag of 'gold' too.  So far there hasn't been too much mischief.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -26 November 2018

Hey look! Menu Plan Monday posted on Monday morning!  What do you know!
I didn’t get the Christmas pudding and cake made yesterday.  I’m trying to finish up my sewing so I can put my machine away for the season and have the kitchen table free.  So I’ll share a picture that was taken on Stir-Up Sunday a couple of years ago:
What’s up this week?  Not so sure.  Tomorrow we have book club at Chantal’s.  The kids are eating food mentioned in the book (Diary of a Young Girl).  At least that’s the plan.  I can guarantee you (as in I’d put money on it) that Ella won’t taste just about everything Chantal plans on serving.  I’d better bring something along.  We also hope to go have fun with our friends in Arnprior.  Our plans last week got cancelled because Ella needed some extra Grandma time since she’d been away.
French toast
chicken and dumplings
leftover tacos
leftover chicken
Creole pork chops
Friday:    St. Andrew’s Day
leftover pizza
fish and chips, hopefully
Sunday:   start of Advent
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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Yarn Along/Crafting On

A couple of things for Crafting On/Yarn Along:
Did I show you the progress on Mom’s sweater after I ripped out all the patterned body part?
Sorry for the too much flash.  I was trying to get the pattern to show up.  It’s a charcoal colour, but with a black base, not grey like in this picture.  I really need to start doing some focused knitting.  I hate giving half-made presents.
Ella having book club every Monday morning is really helping my purse knitting.  First sock is done, just finishing up the casings/bind off at the top.  I love making socks.
I know I haven’t mentioned it this fall, but I hope you all have been working on your Christmas countdown preparations.  I’m behind on the cleaning, but I’m done shopping (I think) and have lots of ideas ready for the Advent season.   Don’t forget, this Sunday is ‘Stir-Up Sunday‘, get all your ingredients ready for your Christmas pudding and cakes.  Follow the link to grab my recipe or just to see my adorable little helper.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -19 November 2018

What do you know?  Menu plan Monday actually on a Monday.  Though to be honest it’s almost 2:30 and I just remembered.  You’ll also note that the fall header is gone.  That’s because
winter has returned to the Valley
Daisy’s less than impressed this year.
We had fog that froze on the trees and looked so beautiful Sunday morning.  We’ve got about 6″ now and it’s still coming down.
Grandma made it home safely yesterday.  Ella’s very happy, she misses Grandma a lot when she’s in Bowmanville.  Uncle Dennis got a deer.  But Grandma came home with a lot of bad news about Great-Grandma.  Without going into details, I’m not sure how all the family down there can’t see that she’s got Alzheimers.  It’s so very sad.  It’s so bad that I’m really worried she won’t remember/recognize Ella when we’re down at Christmas.  That will break Ella’s heart.
No real plans for the week.  Though I’d like to make up the play date we had to cancel last week due to pink eye (their’s not ours).  Besides that, not much else.
Oh, I know what I forgot to tell you.  WE’RE DONE THE CORN!!!!  Colin worked a 16 hour day on Thursday (into the dark) and finished up just before the snow started.  Hurray!
leftover beef and barley soup -I skipped ahead in my plans and tried this new recipe.  It is SO GOOD.  You have to try!
beef ribs -will decide recipe later
French toast -regular and Ella safe
leftover ribs
leftover pizza
grilled cheese
baked sweet and sour chicken -I didn’t make this last week since Ella was home, she doesn’t like Chinese food
leftover s&s chicken
Sunday:  Stir-Up Sunday
leftover garlic paprika chicken
More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -13 November 2018

I don’t know why I can’t remember when it’s Monday.  Maybe I should start making these posts on Sunday and scheduling them?  Oh well, here’s what’s for supper this week.  Colin’s still combining so, lunches are hit and miss.  Uncle Dennis continues deer-less, so that means Grandma’s still in Bowmanville.
baked chimichangas -from freezer
leftover goulash
breakfast for dinner -Ella home so egg/dairy free

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?
I’m not really doing much new knitting.  But I’ve picked up Grandma’s sweater again.  I had to do some negative knitting because I couldn’t figure out where I was 😦  So I started the body over again with a better lace pattern.