Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yarn Along/Crafting On -24 April 2018

Yarn Along and Crafting on this week with a couple of things to share.
A final look at the custom sweater.  I did take out the button bands and crochet them again with a 4mm hook.  Much better.  I found some nice metal buttons (flowers) at Belinda’s Fabricland.  I heard from the recipient the other day and she loves the sweater.
My socks are nearly done.  I’m working on the casings at the top for the ribbon garters.  The very tops don’t match perfectly, but they will be hidden under my skirt so I’m OK with that.
I took a new project that I started before Easter (Toronto project).  I haven’t worked on it much.  I forgot to take a picture, I’ll have to get one for you guys later.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -23 April 2018

OK, I think it’s safe to use my spring Menu Plan Monday header.  We’ve had an entire week of ‘not winter’ weather and in fact, the last few days have been actually ‘spring like’.   In fact, the garden has decided that it is spring:
My crocuses that surprisingly survived the snow
and snowdrops.  The squill (bluebells) are coming but not flowering yet.
Ella had a busy morning on Saturday.  She was up in Petawawa helping the club set up for the archery tournament.
Those animal targets are heavy and are being held in place by 50 lb sand bags!  I was told by a number of people of Ella’s great work ethic and how hard she worked.  That’s so nice to hear.
It was hard to get a good shot (no pun intended).  We were up in the gallery and it was pretty busy down on the floor.  Those are Ella’s new archery friends standing behind her.  Their family homeschools too.  They and their Dad have been so great and have really helped Ella enjoy archery.  So how did she do?
She got third in her age group!!! She scored 188 which was pretty decent.  240 seemed to be the average sort of score including the adults (except the older guys who hunt all the time) so she’s doing pretty good for just having this bow for a couple of months and no practice here at home.  It’s amazing how much better you can shoot when you can see -ha ha!  There were 2 rounds of shooting so 40 targets.  Of those 40 she only missed 4!!  She got a couple of really good shots (the ones I could see).  She caught the groundhog right in the middle of the chest.  I told her Daddy would be putting her to work on groundhog duty this spring.
Ella’s arrow is the long black one -great shot!
So what are we eating this week:
Colin’s away cleaning and Ella’s at Grandma’s so I’ll find whatever junkie lunch I want  🙂
leftover  bbq ribs 
stir fry
hot chicken
spaghetti and meatballs
wieners and beans
chicken pie
Friday:   Grandma’s 70th birthday!!
chicken sandwiches (get the idea I have a bit of chicken to use up this week?)
roast beef and popovers
leftover chicken pie
hot beef
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Yarn Along/Crafting On/Menu Plan?

You aren’t going to believe this but the sweater is finally finished!  Hopefully next week’s Crafting On will finally be a new project.
Don’t mind the moody teenage model.  I’m wondering if I should re-do the button bands, they seem to be a little tight?  We’ve got a surprise trip to Pickering this weekend, so I need to get the ends sewn in and finished up.
What’s on the menu this week?  Nothing too exact.  Today I’m making my slow roasted pork.  That will give us leftovers for most nights.  I also need to make up some food for Colin for the weekend.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -2 April 2018

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you all had a blessed day.  We didn’t go to church because I’m still coughing.  We did have supper at the in-laws -though that’s another story too.  Sigh, I wish our house was big enough for me to take over family suppers, then we wouldn’t have to deal with ‘stuff’.  Oh well, it’s probably the last event until Thanksgiving -how sad is that?  At home in Bowmanville, Mom’s family get together for just about any event they can: birthdays for the month, mother’s day, father’s day, etc.  I think we gathered (at least cake, if not a meal) every month!
What’s up this week?  Nothing too crazy, the usual swimming, archery, and Guides.  Though hopefully my friend is going to teach me to make perogie!!  Her husband is big time into model trains, so he and Colin will be busy with that too.  I’m slowly working on a ‘spring clean’ around here.  This week we’re eating from the freezer.  I need to get those emptied out and better organized.  Food goes in and disappears into the black hole that is a chest freezer (or 3).
baked chicken thighs and fancy mashed potatoes
chicken Parmesan casserole
leftover casserole
spaghetti and meatballs
chicken wings
souvlaki (chicken or pork TBD)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Last week I finally succumbed to all the cold germs floating around.  It’s mostly stayed in my head, which is good but I hate that fuzzy head feeling.  It tried moving into my chest but my inhalers seem to be holding it at bay.  It’s not been much of a week for knitting -always a sure sign I’m sick.
We had a bit of excitement last week.  Ella was in for her regular eye check-up and look what we discovered:
She didn’t think she’d like glasses, but when the world is suddenly clear, they aren’t so bad.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Menu Plan Monday -26 March 2018

Wow, spring last week and Easter this week.  Where has March gone?  I have to make some menu plan changes this week since my MIL has decided to have the family over for Easter dinner.   I made a big roast on the weekend when Ella’s friend was over.  I think I’ll make pasties tomorrow (out of time today) or perishky.  I found a cool way of forming the perishky that I really want to try.  Friday will be hot cross bun day.  I have a new recipe to try.
grilled cheese
leftover pork
tuna sandwiches
turkey and whatever else people bring  🙂
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Yarn Along/Crafting On -13 March 2018

I almost forgot that it was Crafting On day.  For a moment I thought it was Monday.  I finally finished the body of the sweater.  Now to move on to the sleeves.
We have our trip to the City this weekend so I’m also finding enough knitting projects to take along.  Besides socks, I think I might find a new project.