Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Back to School Picnic

The new homeschool group I found in Pembroke had a "Not Back to School Picnic" on Tuesday. We first went to the local museum and the kids had a great time. Ella had fun in the school like her Grandpa Fletcher attended. She has such a look of concentration on her face :) When my Mom attended grade school, they had desks like on the far side of the room (if you can see them), with cast-iron grille work for supports. Mom's grade school was 3 stories with lots of rooms -if you ever see "Wind at My Back", a CBC television series, the school used in it was Mom's. In fact, a lot of Bowmanville was in that show.

After the museum was the picnic at the local Rotary park. I felt much better about some of the "uber" moms, their lunches were just as "junkie" as ours was. I at least have had a crazy couple weeks for my excuse :)

Ella had a grand time at the park. It had a giant "play yard" as she calls it. Everything went well, until Ella took a few years off my life. She was on the middle part of the slide (with a bunch of other kids), I hollered for her to get off and slide properly. Ella hopped off and in front of another girl. She gave Ella a bit of a push (more a hurry up than anything) and over Ella went, head first. Luckily there was lots of sand, and she caught her foot on the slide and landed on her side. I was so frightened. And so was she. She was shaking. After I realized Ella was fine, I started giving her grief for scaring me. Ella says "I won't scare you any more Mommy"

This is what the end of a great homeschool picnic looks like :)


Anonymous said...

That school room screams photo op! And Miss Ella in her darling dress that looks perfecto in that setting! Looks like a funtime. Glad to see you getting out building relationships!

Paula said...

We had a fab time (excepting the minor heart attack with the slide). I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone. I worry about homeschooling Ella by herself. I want to make sure she has friends. I just wish we attended a more vibrant/child-filled church.