Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Holidays 2018

As expected, we  had a fabulous time on our annual Canada Day holiday.  It would have been nicer if it wasn't the start of a ridiculous heat wave, but at least that made the lake nice and warm.
We dropped our stuff at the cottage and headed for the lake.
Ella started off the fish catching, with a nice large mouth bass.
Daddy was quick to catch up.  You can see where I spend my time, knitting or reading under our tent canopy.
Next day we headed to the lake bright and early, trying to get some fun in before the sun got too ridiculous.
Uh oh, Daddy's on a roll with number 5.  The oppressive heat was really affecting the fishing and Ella couldn't cast out quite far enough (to the cooler water).
Never fear, here's number 2.
The bullfrogs were really noisy this year.  This fellow was lucky he was too big for bait.
Ella's third fish came fast on the heels of number two.  Daddy was on the other dock so I was the net girl.  Reached in and pulled up a nice big bass, but...
IT WASN'T THE ONE ON ELLA'S LINE!!!  Yep, I caught my first bass of the holiday with just the net!
HERE'S Ella's third bass.
Number 4 was a good size too, but somehow I missed most of it.  I love Ella's smile!  She's a funny girl, she's ruthless when it comes to bait, but she still wants nothing to do with holding the fish.
Well, OK, I guess she gets that honestly.  I don't like holding them either.
Daddy rounded off the evening with number 6.
Our hosts have a pair of peacocks (noisy, annoying things).  Every year they hatch out a few little ones.
It's hard to get a good picture.  Mom wasn't too impressed with us this close (they were in a feed box in the barn).  They sure are cute.
We found a surprise at the lake this morning...
A large pair of loons.  We don't see too many loons around here.
Daddy's off to a good start again.  We stopped counting after number 10.
Ella didn't get any more fish today.  As you can see from this picture, I was trying to escape from the oppressive heat and sun, I was in the screen house and Ella's wearing her towel for sun protection.  I know I've used 'oppressive' too many times in this post, but that's just how terribly hot and sunny it was that weekend.  In fact, it was so crazy hot that we decided to stay 'home' and not go to the fire works in Killaloe.  After supper we put on some Harry Potter and just relaxed.  From the sounds of things, a lot of people decided it was just too hot to sit out in the sun waiting for the fireworks (you have to get there early to get a good seat).
We always have so much fun out in the hills of Brudenell.  It's only 45 minutes from home (if you don't take the scenic route) but it feels a world away.

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