Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Water, Water, Everywhere

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know about the flooding going on around here.  Though if you listen to the news you would think it's mostly in Gatineau (Quebec).  There is flooding all over the Ottawa Valley.  Pembroke and Killaloe have actually had mudslides!
The town of Renfrew hasn't had any actual flooding yet (their big river is in a deep valley).  The river is just amazing!  That's they Hydro Electric generating station on the left.  It usually has about a 20-30 foot drop from the building to where the river usually runs.
The museum is on the right and used to be an old mill.  Luckily there is still a bit of wall from its mill days and that's helping to break the water before it hits the museum's retaining wall.  It was rather scary being on the swinging bridge (just a couple of feet above the wall) with all that water roaring underneath.
This is the little community of Deacon.  Not much is there any more but this campground and the general store (the store went under water the day after we took this picture).  It's on Golden Lake.
This is our place.
We went for a birthday canoe.  It was really windy so we stayed off the river and just paddled in the fields.  There was about 4 feet of water under us.
Not exactly the way Colin likes to check his fields in May.  But we are certainly far better off than a lot of other folks in the Valley.  Though it really needs to start drying soon or we'll be really cash-strapped next year.  That or Mother Nature has to promise to add an extra month of summer in the fall.
The weather doesn't slow Ella down any.  She's been out there working on her house and baking (though no sun makes that harder).  She's very proud of her house.
Sunday and Monday we actually got SNOW!  It doesn't feel so bad as all that rain, but it was melting and added to the water.  Today we have this weird glow in the sky coming through the clouds???  I seem to remember something like that in the past?  I think it was called 'the sun'  :)

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