Monday, May 15, 2017

Menu Plan Monday -15 May 2017

I picked up KFC for supper last night so I’ll have to make some changes to the planned menu for this week.
Still praying for cropping weather up here.
Good news, Ella passed her Level 5 swimming this time around.  On to Level 6!
leftover KFC
Tuesday:   homeschool bowling!
tomato soup
Asian steak salad
hot dogs
leftover chicken
cauliflower chicken chili -new recipe
sesame chicken
Saturday:   A&S day at Cate’s
tomato beef soup -new recipe in the crockpot
What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?
Did I tell you about Comic-Con last week?  It was in Ottawa this weekend so that’s what Ella and I did on Sunday.  Wow, people in Ottawa wake up way earlier than the folks in Toronto.  We usually go first thing Sunday morning so that the crowds aren’t too bad.  That works in Toronto.  I think there were more people in costume in Ottawa, there was certainly more Steampunk folks.
Nurse Joy was a hit like always.  Ella got stopped a number of times for pictures.
I think she’s fighting off a bit of a head cold and had a rough night, so she kind of passed out on the way home (something she rarely ever does).

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