Monday, November 21, 2016

Menu Plan Monday -21 November 2016

Yesterday was Stir-Up Sunday.  So while it snowed and blowed outside I stirred up our Christmas pudding.  Ella usually helps, but I was on my own this year.  She's staying an extra day at Grandma's house because she missed her so much last week.

The Christmas cleaning and planning continues.  I hope to be done shopping and out of the stores by the first of December.  Week Four finds us in the master bedroom.  That means the flannel sheets make their appearance.  That will make Colin very happy.  He hates cold sheets.  I got some cute new pillow cases for the season.

I need to find some kitchen time.  I have all the carrots in the garden still to can.  I've never done carrots, but don't have any other way to preserve them.  I've also found a recipe for freezing mashed potatoes that I'd like to try.  I also have to make an apple pie.  Colin needs one to thank our neighbour for use of his grain wagons this fall.  I made 2 yesterday, but my lard has gone off and my tummy has felt weird all day.

I've got some custom sewing to get finished and I have nothing to wear for Christmas, besides the special things I was wanting to do for Ella for Christmas too.  I need more time.

chicken Caesar salad
tomato French onion soup
casserole roasted pork with potatoes and onions (Julia Child)
skewered Italian chicken
hamburger casserole (new crock pot recipe)
leftover casserole
leftover roast pork
tuna sandwiches
leftover pork
baked honey garlic chicken
Sunday:  Advent!!!
chicken paprikash (new crock pot recipe)

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