Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -16 June 2016

Another busy weekend to share this week.  We headed down to Frankford/Brighton for my God-daughter’s bridal shower (I really don’t know how she’s old enough to get married).  Her mom Tammy is a really good friend from my Toronto working days (we met on the GO Train).  Carroll-Lynn was only 6.

Luckily Tammy has some empty bedrooms so we were able to stay the night and do lots of extra visiting.  I forget how much I miss talking with Tammy.  She’s about 3 hours away and I need to go down there more often.
About 10 years ago, Tammy finally found a guy worthy of her.  Ray is so good for/with her.  Ella says he’s just like Daddy.  Ray and Tammy’s wedding was Ella’s very first (she was a couple of months old).  Now she’s nearly as tall as Tammy.
Wednesday was busy (no pictures).  I bought 4 2L basket of strawberries.  I made 3 L strawberry pie filling, 2 L strawberry/rhubarb pie filling, 6 pints stewed rhubarb, 6 half-pints strawberry rhubarb jam (from Certo box instructions) and 5 freezer strawberry from my Mennonite Sweet & Sours & Drink” target=”_blank”>cookbook.
Ella always loved her giraffe pool floatie and it was a sad day when giraffe got a leak (and she’s too big now). Well I saw a larger sized one at Walmart the other day and picked it up for her. Apparently I should have read the measurements…
But it makes my Pretty, Funny girl Happy, besides we can fit in the pool around the edges -ha ha.

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