Friday, June 17, 2016

Farm Girl Friday -17 June 2016


Wow, another Farm Girl Friday Post!  This week we see the Farmer doing pre-harvest work.  Colin had noticed some weird sounds coming from the combine when it was in reverse.  He thinks the problem is in the transmission.  So, since he has nothing better to do (ha ha), he and Dad pulled the transmission out of the combine.

Colin forgot to get a picture of the actual transmission.  This is a picture of the hole where it was.  Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't have video running while the extraction was happening.
Apparently we needed a picture for scale.  This is me beside the combine tire.
Had a 'conversation' on FB with a woman complaining about being behind farm equipment and how they shouldn't be on a "major highway" (didn't know a 2 lane secondary highway was considered 'major').  I walked away from the conversation (it was a friend of a friend) but I should have asked how we were supposed to magically get our equipment to the field since it's only accessible from the highway.  People, you need to relax.  If you are that late you should have left earlier.  And to be honest, the equipment is likely only going to the next side road or drive way -it's not like you are going to follow the combine all the way to Ottawa.
Our local Conservative Mennonite community is growing in leaps and bounds.  They have a good sized school over on the Beachburg side of Muskrat Lake.  There are now so many families over here on the Cobden side that they are building a new school.
How much you want to bet it's built WAY faster than a public school?  Even though it's mostly the father's building it in between their farm chores.

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