Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yarn Along a Day Late -29 October 2015

Late for Yarn Along, but I have good reason.  I was down and out yesterday with a bit of a stomach bug.  It wasn't too bad, though Ella was having a bit of a flash-back to the nonsense in 2012.  Feeling so much better today.

Last pair of mittens finished.  I didn't plan on using the fancy yarn for the main colour, but it just didn't look right with black for the main colour.
A few snowflakes for my Advent swap partner.  I love making snowflakes, this is my favourite book.

Not really reading anything.  Free time has been spent finishing Ella's Halloween costume.  Last night was the Halloween party at Guides.  Grandma took Ella to A&W for supper.  She was a hit there:

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