Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scarborough Fun

We were planning on going to Black Creek Pioneer Village.  I love it there and I haven't taken Ella yet.  It was so hot the last time we were down, we decided to wait till the kids went back to school and things cooled off.  Unfortunately it was too cool on Saturday.  Well, it would have been OK if Ella had a fall coat.  But we decided the breeze would be too cool with just a sweater.  So what to do?

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to see their Pompeii exhibit.  Apparently ( I didn't know), Ella had said to Daddy that she hoped we could see the Pompeii exhibit.  So it wasn't hard to convince her to do the ROM instead of Black Creek (we'll do that one in the spring).

This is the same dinosaur as the bones above.  He always 'hangs out' in the lobby of the ROM.

We were lucky because Auntie B is a member, that meant Ella got in free!

An easy date to remember to put on our timeline.

Actual rock from the volcano.

The most famous victim.  The guard dog left chained at his 'post'.  Ella thought it was terrible.  I reminded her that if you were running for your life, it would be easy to forget to unchain the dog.

Perfectly preserved gold and emerald necklace.

Wall art of a bakery.

Bread that got a little too toasty.

Some cool armour.

Gladiator Ella.

At the market.

Ella was very impressed with all the wall paintings.

A typical home in Pompeii.  The number 7s are the bedrooms.  And number 5 is the kitchen.  There was a very definite difference between the public rooms and the private rooms.

Ella couldn't believe that any glass would survive.

A lady with some of her original colour.

Ella had fun making her own mosaic.

This is what Ella expected the glass in Pompeii to look like.  But guess what?  This didn't melt because of the volcano.  They think these were in a cupboard over an oil lamp that spilled and caught fire.  The volcano didn't cause temperatures hot enough to melt Roman glass -who knew?

And then we got to the sad part of the exhibit.

This man must have been asleep when the pyroclastic flow hit Pompeii because he is so peaceful.

This one made me cry (as Ella expected).  It's a family trying to escape.  She just doesn't 'get' that loosing her is my biggest fear.

We checked out the Chinese/Korean exhibit too, but then we were pooped.  Turns out Ella was starting with a head cold but we just thought she was tired.

We parked beside Varsity Stadium and watched a bit of the girls practicing lacrosse.

Woo hoo!!  My sister has finally gone back to being blonde.  Well, she's working on it.  It's still a bit red, but it's much more natural on her and I'm glad.

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