Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yarn Along -19 August 2015

Been so hot and muggy that I don't have any knitting progress worth sharing with you guys for Yarn Along.  The house didn't cool off much last night.  It's still 23C  (73.4F) in the house.  I know that doesn't sound too bad until I mention the 84% humidity, that's making it feel like 33C (91F) -and its only going to get worse!  The kitchen floor feels sticky and even the bed sheets feel wet/damp.  Blah, I'm really can't wait for the good weather to return.

I have been doing some re-reading before school starts again.  Not really liking the Homeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic Discovers Unschooling, we're definitely not an unschooling-type family.  But I really like A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning.  She really explains the Charlotte Mason method. More Charlotte Mason Education: A Home Schooling How-To Manual is alright, but instead of talking about all the aspects of Charlotte Mason education, she often refers the reader back to her first book.  We've given up on Oak Meadow, as much as we liked their curriculum it just wasn't a good fit for Ella.  She really likes all the books in OM so we are going to switch to Ambleside Online, which is Charlotte Mason based.  We'll be doing Saxon for math (we're doing grade 3 again because she needs the review from last year) and some workbooks for English -Ella enjoys some workbook work.

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