Monday, August 17, 2015

Menu Plan Monday -17 August 2015

Oh my goodness, I really can't wait until the decent weather comes back!  Yes, yes, Colin I know this heat is making corn...  It has been so hot and humid lately.  In fact, we had the house closed up tight by 8:30!!!  That's because it was as hot outside as inside, it just didn't cool off much at all overnight.  Right now it's 23C (73F) and 26C outside.  What that doesn't tell you is that at 10 am it is already feeling like 34C (93F) outside with the humidity!!  And it's only going to get worse as the day goes along.  We're supposed to top out feeling about 40C (104F) today -ugh!  That kind of temperature makes it almost too hot to even spend the day in the pool.  The windows are closed and the solar curtains are shut tight.  Hopefully I can keep a lot of the humidity out of the house and we'll just hide in here.  It's so hot I'm not even really knitting -that says it all!

We had a cool visitor in the tree yesterday morning. 

A juvenile red-tail hawk.  At first Colin thought it was a falcon (wouldn't be the first on here) but my friend Teresa who knows more about birds than we said it was a hawk.  We have lots of hawks around but don't often get to see a little one.

tuna sandwich
leftover oven fried chicken
egg salad sandwiches
slow roasted pork (didn't make them on Sunday, we had steak -yes, I know I'm not doing well with my elimination diet)
stuffed chicken breasts
leftover pork
pork quesadillas
sesame chicken and Shanghai noodles
something with the leftover pork or pork chops
our 12th anniversary

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