Monday, June 8, 2015

Menu Plan Monday -8 June 2015


Somehow when I made my menus for June I missed making one for this week.  Not sure how that happened??  Guess I'll have to make one up now off the top of my head.

Ella had a great time at camp.  Even if it was only 21 hours long.  Her first time in a tent overnight.  She was very happy that her best friend Alex was in her tent.  I was happy Alex's mom Liz was the parent in the tent.  Liz takes good care of my girl.

Ella went with a 'retro' look for camp.  My Guide camp shirt and Brownie camp hat.  
Wondering why she didn't wear my Brownie camp shirt?

I was a 'little' bit smaller in Brownies.  That's my best friend Charlynne in the middle!  We've been friends since we were 6.

We are lucky and the leaders take lots of pictures and put them on the unit's FB page.  There is usually a post about 10:30-11 saying they are finally asleep.

Camp this year was literally 4 minutes from our house!  No 2 hour drive to drop her off (there and back).  But I think being close gave her a bit of homesickness.  She was very happy to see us on Sunday.  Ella was really good and avoided allergens at camp.  So tomorrow we will start introducing the eliminated foods again.  Know what she wants to start with?  Beef!!  Apparently my little carnivore has been missing steak.  I sure hope she's OK with beef because I miss it too.

So, what are we going to eat this week:
nachos (with lots of ground beef)
pork chops on the BBQ
sausages on BBQ
hamburgers (Ella at Grandma's)
chicken Parmesan
2 packet chicken 
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