Friday, June 5, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -5 June 2015


Today's Farm Girl Friday I'm going to share what the Farm Girly and her Grandma have been doing.

Welcome to the Lilac Retreat!  This is the reception area with pool.

This is the Lounge for icy drinks and yummy snacks.

This is one of the gardens.  Fairies can sit and enjoy the sunshine or work in the garden.

This is the cozy cottage.

This is the Lily Deck for more sunshine and fun.

This is the Family Cottage.

And this is the Honeymoon Cottage.  Great for a romantic getaway.

Our Fairy Garden at home is not so fancy:

But we've got some pretty little pink columbine flowering.

The phlox is spreading nicely too.  We've had some special visitors the last few days.  We've had a couple Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies.  They look like yellow Monarchs but won't land so I can get a picture.  I went to bring in the laundry and look who I found hanging out on the honeysuckle??

Lots of buzzy bees.  Must be very careful when picking weeds or flowers.  Might get more than I expected.

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