Monday, May 11, 2015

Menu Plan Monday -11 May 2015

We finally had some rain over the weekend.  But to totally sound like a farmer, it's time for it to stop!  Time to get back to the fields.  Saturday was the worst, with a bit of a thunderstorm.  Apparently a tree took out some lines because we lost power around 6.  Dad, across the highway was out from 3:30.  It was back on by the time we headed to bed, so Colin could shut off the generator.

We were fine, but just a couple side roads over there was a microburst .  At first rumour had it that it was a tornado like 9 years ago.  But Environment Canada has decreed it a microburst.  We went for a drive yesterday afternoon to see what happened.  

This 'roof' used to be a fairly new cattle shed.  Not sure if there were any animals inside at the time of the storm (likely not).  The reason this was a fairly new shed is that in 2006 (I think) we had a tornado rip through and guess who's barn got wiped off the face of the earth?  Yep, these poor folks.  Colin says they need to try moving the barn over a couple 100 yds to see if that helps.  Rumour in the countryside says he's giving up the cattle and will just cash crop.  He's a Hydro worker and owns a gravel pit (behind the hill), so they will be OK.  A piece of the steel roof came off and went through the addition at the back of the house, so hopefully that can be repaired and isn't structural.

The empty space beside the tarp building and in front of the grain bin used to be a trailer home.  Wow, it just looked like the place exploded!  There were lots of folks there helping the clean up.  The owners weren't home for some reason so they are all OK.  You probably notice how new the tarp building looks?  That's because back in 2012 some lightening hit their hay barn and it all went up in smoke.

I thank God for keeping us safe and bringing us just a nice amount of rain.  We didn't even get much wind.  Our neighbours had their patio umbrella up during the storm and it was perfectly fine, that's how calm things were here.

Looking forward to a quiet week.  Nothing much planned.  Though I do have to get out in the garden.  The vetch is getting a jump on the violets again this year.  Most years the violets get started first and the big leaves slow down the vetch.  Years like this I spend the entire time just trying to keep up.  I would love to put down a thick layer of mulch, but I love when my other plants spread (like the blue bells, and violets).  I've even got tulips that are growing in odd spots.  Also, there are 'millions' of baby trees in my garden??  Some of them are 'proper' maple trees according to Colin.  He wants to transplant them.  Well he better hurry up and do it and he better not dig out a giant hole and half destroy my flowers like the last time he 'rescued' a tree from my garden.

hot beef (freeze extra) and something else for Ella
egg-free French toast
brown chicken fricassee
McD's -library day before Brownies
leftover fricassee
Bavarian beef pie with beef from freezer  -Ella is at Grandma's Fridays
pork chops
roast turkey

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