Friday, May 8, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -8 May 2015

Some actual farming to talk about for Farm Girl Friday this week.

This week the Farmer has been hard at work planting the barley and the wheat.  Yesterday was spent getting Dad's corn planted too.  He's been so busy that he hasn't been able to come home for lunch.   Ella and I packed it up and had a picnic in the field with Daddy.  This is basically the only way for Ella to see Daddy these days.

Yesterday poor Daddy was too busy to even stop to eat.  So Ella and I had a picnic out in her screen house.

As you can see Ella likes the new non-dairy cheese we found and really likes the 'juice boxes' of chocolate almond milk.

And here's the Farm Girly being a typical Canadian kid.  Playing with the garden hose when it's not that hot out (yet).  Not to mention that the hose has been running for hours filling the pool.  So that water would have been freezing, bottom of the well cold!!

It's good to finally see the Farm come to life for the spring/summer.  Though I don't think we're going to see much spring this year.  They are already talking humidex for today!

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