Friday, May 29, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -29 May 2015


Some more beauties in my garden this week for Farm Girl Friday.

Sweet Woodroff, such tiny delicate flowers.

I love phlox.  I let it run rampant in my garden too.

Forget-Me-Nots, one of my favourites -I think I say that about all the flowers in my garden  :)  For some reason there aren't many forget-me-nots this year.

My Jack-in-the-Pulpit on the other hand are doing great this year.  They have even spread a bit.

As usual the rhubarb is going crazy.  I need to find something to do with it.  Colin and Ella won't eat it and I haven't found a way to hide it.  

Sitting out watching Ella swim the other day (77F!!).  Looked up in the hedge and look what I found:

I think there were four little hummingbirds buzzing in and out of the hedge.

They were flitting around so fast it was hard to get an accurate count.  I think they were all female, they were very grey and muted in colour.

The last of the lilac for in the house.  I wish they lasted longer in the house.

We don't get many butterflies up here, maybe it's too cold?  But the other day doing laundry my lilac bush was covered with these beauties.  There must have been 11-15 of them flitting around.  Quick internet search and we have discovered they are red admiral butterflies.  Their underside is really cool too, looks like wood.

And here's one just because:

The Farm Girl and the Farm Girly.  I love that she still likes when we match.  Though I think I need longer arms so I'm not in the shadows.

Oh yeah, here's proof Ella is crazy:

In case you are wondering why the water looks gross, it's because it's so hard.  We have so much iron in our water.  When Colin adds the salt the water actually rusts!  It takes a while to get the water stirred up so it can all get filtered out.  Ella's been swimming in the pool 3 days now and the water looks much better.  Colin goes through so many filters at the start of the season.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

we too have a lot of iron in our water as well. You have some lovely flowers in your garden. Have a good weekend.