Friday, April 24, 2015

Farm Girl Friday -24 April 2015

Definitely more spring-like in Toronto.  But we came home to a few more signs of spring.

Look a snowdrop!  Even better, this one is flowering on the other side of the rosebush.  That means they are spreading.

The bluebells are just a sunny day away from flowering.  They are spreading nicely too.

The farm stand is up and running again.  This means customers can get their eggs whether we are home or not.

And of course a sure sign of spring: our chicks have arrived.  There are a bunch of black sex-link (my favourites) and a bunch of regular layers.  There is also a handful of meat birds for the fall.  They are living out in the summer kitchen right now since it's far too cold out in the barn.   Hopefully it will warm up soon because they will outgrow their pen in no time.  It's fun to go out and hear all the little 'cheeps'.  

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