Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yarn Along -25 March 2015

Oh look, Yarn Along on time this week!  Actually, I wrote this yesterday because I knew I'd be busy today.

Doing a bit of work on Ella's sweater.  I had to add a bit to the fronts and then moved on to the sleeves.  I wanted to work both sleeves at the same time (like with socks) but the lace pattern doesn't give me an easy break, so I'll just work them separately.  For some reason my left wrist is sore this week.  I must have banged it or something.  That gave me the opportunity to do some reading.  I actually suggested this book to a blog-friend and I decided to read it again. Once Upon a Tomb: Stories from Canadian Graveyards is really cool.  I always love wandering through old cemeteries reading the old stones.  Some are so heart-breaking.  All give an insight into our past.

Speaking of my blog-friends, here's a picture for Elizabeth.

Zim enjoying a snooze in the Chapters bag (with a book still inside).

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