Monday, March 23, 2015

Menu Plan Monday -23 March 2015

How is spring looking where you live?  Saturday it SNOWED all day.  Fairly fine and wet and so didn't pile up like down East, but not what I expected for the first full day of spring.  It's all those people who wished for a warm March 1st.  We're paying for it now because March is leaving like a lion.  Today is -18C feeling -25C with the windchill.  It's hard to believe Lent is almost over and Easter is around the corner.

But before all that we have a busy week ahead.  Hopefully Dad and Colin will get out in the field this week and start combining the corn.  Just been waiting for the snow in the field to melt enough.  I will have to drive my MIL to Ottawa one day this week if Dad does get going with the corn.  Skating and Brownies are back on the schedule this week.  On Friday Ella has her first real appointment with the naturopath and hopefully that will be the start of some answers (and hopefully won't cost too much).  We've also got the last day of skating with the home school bunch from Arnprior.  It's a fair drive from our house so we've only gone about once a month (thanks Grandma, you're the best).  But every time we go the just envelope Ella into the group like she's a long lost friend.

And of course, there's always laundry, cleaning, dishes, school and feeding people...

German pancakes
chicken strips and French fries
tuna sandwich
ragout de porc -Julia Child
BBQ beef on buns (from freezer)
leftover pork
Sunday:  Palm Sunday
roasted garlic chicken

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Today, my Mom is in Bowmanville.  Friday my great Uncle Gord died and today is the funeral.  I'm not sure how great Grandma is going to take it.  Here's a picture of Uncle Gord and Grandma take at Grandma's 70th birthday (they are 87/85 now), Aunt Jean is on the left.

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