Friday, February 27, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -27 February 2015

I've actually got a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post for you this week.

You likely don't know but Colin is addicted to the news.  We watch Breakfast Television (Toronto) in the mornings and then Global evening news (Toronto) and then Global National (basically the same stories over again) every evening.  Colin always figured Ella didn't pay attention with the way she never seems to listen and is always goofing off.  Well, last night we discovered something:

Ella not only listens, but she has it all down pat!  She did the news for us and was perfect.  She talks about things just like the anchors and was discussing all the different issues that have been in the news lately.  She even did the traffic and mentioned about an accident in the 'east-bound Collectors' -which if you are from Toronto you know is right.  It was amazing the job she did.  She even knows that the anchors aren't real reporters, they just read the papers.

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