Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -4 December 2014


Thank you for the kind comments about my new dresses.  They make me feel Happy and Pretty.

Every once in a while I let Ella play with a bowl of flour and water.  On Monday she made it into 'pancake' batter and asked to fry it up.  I let her and she actually ate it.  She thinks they were the best pancakes ever!  She even cleaned up the mess (and eventually the egg shell).

My girl was very Happy to discover that Merry had arrived yesterday for her Advent visit.  Merry is an elf from the North Pole.  She and Ella hang out and play until Christmas eve when Merry goes home with Santa.  Merry keeps an eye on Ella and watches for any other Christmas suggestions for Santa.  Ella eagerly awaits Merry's arrival every year and we always wonder what kind of mischief she will get into over night when no one is looking.

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