Monday, December 22, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -22 December 2014


This is one of my favourite Christmas pictures.

Everyone ready for Christmas?  I'm done everything that's getting done.  Somehow I got behind on my cookie baking.  So the tins will have a few less varieties but will still be yummy.   I've got two Christmas meals to make, so I've prepared my schedule to make sure everything is done and I'm not doing it all on the day.  

Here's the proposed menu plan for this week.  But depending on what's going on, I may be playing fast and loose with the meals.

Monday:  -final dusting, laundry, make the mushrooms for the cake I'm making for Christmas day, and put the cookie tins together
French toast
oven beef stew -Saturday was cookie baking day, so I obviously didn't make the stew  :)
Tuesday:  -bake the cake and maybe the potatoes for Boxing day
leftover stew
Wednesday:  -get blade roast out of freezer, and ice cake
shepherds' pie for the Christmas eve shepherds
Thursday:  Christmas Day!!!   -cook turkey, gravy and dressing (in crockpot)
bacon and eggs and hash browns
turkey and all the trimmings
Friday:  Boxing Day with my family!
slow roasted blade roast with all the trimmings, likely including Yorkshire pudding
turkey sandwiches
hot beef sandwiches maybe with fries
paprika chicken
What's cooking at I'm an Organizing Junkie??

I have a request.  Could you guys all keep your eyes open for a star cookie cutter like this one?  I need it to be about 1 1/2 inches across.  I had to use my heart cutter for the Zimsterne and that just looks wrong  :)  

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