Friday, December 19, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -19 December 2014


For Farm Girl Friday this week I have a puzzle for you:

What does a farmer do when the 'professional' barn salvagers half tear down a barn and steal all the good stuff?  And then all the people on Facebook who promised to come and take the rest don't show up or take just the remaining good stuff??

You take care of it yourself - farmer style!!

Keep shoving stuff into the fire to try and keep it 'under control'.

Lunch with the pyromaniac Colin.  He wonders why Ella gives us goofy faces!?  I had to move the truck, it was getting a little too warm.

Colin kept the fire good and hot so there was minimal smoke.  I was lucky.  Even though it was blowing towards the house, it headed more toward the barns.  I couldn't even smell the smoke in the house.

Most of it was gone by 3:30.  Colin could finally come in to warm up and dry out.

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