Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yarn Along -24 December 2014

Ginny's not doing Yarn Along this week, but I have a couple pictures to share and I'm putting off washing dishes  :)

I had a bit of startitis on the weekend, so I cast on some beautiful gloves for me.  They are Estonian (a little island called Kihnu).  They are made with the gorgeous Knit Picks Capretta.  

I've also started some more purse knitting.

I'm basing these on the Icelandic knee socks from my Icelandic Hand Knits book.  Obviously, I won't fit the socks as written.  So I'm using my usual numbers but doing the cool Icelandic style tops.  I'm using leftover part-balls of Berrocco Vintage worsted -my favourite for warm socks.

I am so lucky.  Miss Zim basically ignores all my knitting -unless I'm actually knitting with it.  Then she finds the yarn fascinating.  But that's OK.  My Cecily was terrible with yarn.  She ate 5 feet of it one time.  Thank goodness I had 'pet insurance' so I could afford the $1000 surgery to save her life.  So glad to have a smarter Siamese this time around.

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