Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yarn Along -3 September 2014

First Yarn Along of September!  Nothing too exciting to share this week though.

My Dad asked me to make his some 'funky' slippers.  I hate knitting with yarn this thick.  My hands don't like it.  But they are nearly done.  Hope Dad likes them.

I also did some negative knitting.  Remember the yarn that was going to be one pattern then I decided to design my own pattern?  Well, I decided it's only going to use up half of the lace weight yarn and that's not good because I'll then have to find something for a little bit of lace.  So I'm going to save this lace and pick up another bit of lace yarn for my lace stole.  I have three choice in mind for this blue lace yarn; thisthis, or this.  I'm almost out of knitting so I need some new projects.

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