Friday, September 5, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -5 September 2014


For Farm Girl Friday this week I'll share some pictures from the neighbour's hay field:

Take note of how tall they are standing beside the round bales of hay!  Round bales are about 6 ft.

It's going to be very hot here on the Farm today.  Can already feel the humidity creeping into the house.  So I'll share an easy lunch.  It's very easy to increase to the amount you need.  It's like a Mennonite version of French toast and I can see why.  Could you imagine a Mennonite mom trying to make individual French toast for a family of 8 (or more).  This way you get the French toast taste but can make if for everyone at once.

Oiya Brote (multiply as needed)
2-3 slices of bread per person, cubed
2 Tbsp butter, per person
2 eggs, per person
2 Tbsp milk, per person (just to loosen the eggs)
salt & pepper to taste

Brown bread cubes in butter, till they are crisp but not hard as croutons. Beat eggs and milk together. Pour over bread and cook until desired consistency. I don't like 'wet' eggs so ours are well done.

I've also added leftover potato slices (cook them with the bread) and bits of crumbled bacon.

And yes, pickled beets sometimes function as a vegetable for me  :)

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