Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yarn Along -24 September 2014

Yarn Along this week is the start of the Ravelry Advent swap gifts.  I'm working on the big one first.

It's the Petal shawlette again.  This time in some funky yarn.  The pattern is hard to see before blocking.  What do you think?

We are reading Little House Big Woods -hurray!!!  It's for school this year and I can't wait to read these with Ella.  They are so much fun to read, even as a grown-up.

Oh yeah, just a quick survey here:  I'm having a discussion on FB about changing the words of the Canadian national anthem.  Seems some folks are offended at 'home and native land' and 'in all thy sons' command'.  They don't seem to realize these words mean everyone, kind of like 'Man' in prayers mean mankind and not just the guys.  What do you think?  Should a national anthem be changed just to suit the current political correctness?  Or should people stop being over-sensitive at the wording and actually learn the meaning/intent of the phrase??

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