Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yarn Along -13 August 2014

A little late getting my Yarn Along post up today.  I've been busy getting some pickles made.  It's such a nice cool day I didn't want to waste it -perfect day for making pickles and baking cake.

Almost done my cashmere scarf/shawl.  Just working on the last bit of lace edging.  Also coming along on the lace stole.  I have to decide how much I want to block the stole so I know when to stop the edging and start working the length.

Look what I found at the little grocery store in Cobden:

The weird flavours for voting are available.  There were bacon poutine, jalapeno mac and cheese, cinnamon bun and tzatziki.  I'm not sure whether I like the tzatziki or not.  I'll have to try it again and see.  I think a sweet chip (cinnamon bun) would be odd.

And since we were in town:

Took Ella to the Scoop for a treat.  Chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.  I was told not to put this on Facebook, but she didn't say anything about the blog -ha ha.

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