Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yarn Along -3 July 2014

We got home from holidays yesterday and as I was sorting through all the Facebook and email messages I realized it was Wednesday.  By then I was done with the computer and didn't feel up to a post.  So here's my Yarn Along but on a Thursday.

Did I mention last week that I put a hole in my finger knitting?  Well I did, so I had to move on to crocheting.  I finished up the pineapple lace for my new petticoat.  Then I started a new piece for insertion on the slip too.

My finger was better so I was able to take some knitting too.  I took this with me to work on while waiting for the fireworks:

This is the Sweet Dreams shawl I started last year (not sure how it got put aside for so long).  Still loving this yarn.  But shortly after this picture I ripped the whole thing out.  For some reason there is a weird hump at the middle of the back and the edge was just going to be too tight.  So I'm going to do the plain part like the Danish tie-shawls I love to make.  Then I'll follow the lace from the pattern.

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