Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -26 June 2014


Our new strawberry plants are producing a nice handful of berries every few days.  Everyone gets a couple.  They are so sweet and make us all very Happy.

Why can't you see rain in pictures?  It's really pouring in this picture.  Ella's very Happy.  The Real part came when she came in soaked and muddy.

This makes Daddy Happy.  Our old barn is getting torn down.  It was in really bad shape and the last few years Colin had been hoping it would get hit by lightening.

The unhappy part is the company doing the job is taking forever.  It's been a couple months since they started tearing it down.  Now that they have some of the tin off we have a new Real:

Picking up large pieces of 'tin' that keep getting blown into the soybean field.  Luckily they are light.  Hopefully the guys will get the barn torn down, it's quite an eyesore now.

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