Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yarn Along -25 June 2014

Well, yesterday's Midsummer plans were a wash out -literally.  We received 1.8 inches of rain!  
Today is 6 months till Christmas!!  I was shocked when I realized that.  I have only one item made and another on the needles and then I'm out of ideas.  I don't know whether Colin's family likes the things I make so I'm really having a hard time this year wanting to make them anything.  But I really don't want to slip into the 'you buy us gift cards/we buy your gift cards' habit.  What's the point of that?  I know my Mom loves the stuff I make, but I'm stuck at what to make for her too.
This week I have sewing to share.  I had a couple of dresses 'die' in the last few weeks, plus the hot weather will be arriving soon.  I was getting desperate for some decent 'wearing in public' dresses.
I love this material.  I should have bought more.  If we go to London to visit friends like Colin keeps saying, I'll get him to swing through Floradale and get some more.
Wish you could see the print on this one.  It's so light and summery.  Small white and yellow flowers and it's so soft too.  Carefully keeping an eye on Daisy because she decided the manure pit would be a good place for a swim!  Don't need her jumping on me.
And yes, this is about as 'tanned' as I get.  My family is Welsh, German, English and Scottish, none of which are known for their tanning ability  -ha ha!
Whipped up a quick one for Ella.  It's hard to see here, but it's a pinafore style dress.  It has a pale pink underskirt.  Ella is in a bit of a mood today, so I didn't press for any better pictures.
Also made a couple nightgowns.  Ella likes to match.  
Got some stuff coming up that I can't talk about yet, so I haven't really had time to read.  I did a bit of knitting on Ella's afghan.  That is until the knitting needle put a hole in my knitting finger.  Yeah, don't ask.  I guess I need to drink more, my skin is too dry.  So I had to stop knitting this week so it would heal.
Hopefully next week I'll have lots to share for Yarn Along

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Jackie said...

Hi, funny you don't tan as I come from German, Scots, Irish and Welsh background and tan like crazy.

God bless.