Friday, June 20, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -20 June 2014


It feels like forever since the last time I was on Farm Girl Friday.  I'm going to take you on a brief tour of my flower garden.  Please over-look the weeds, they are trying to take over this year.

It's funny how the flowers seem to come and go.  Last year I had almost no columbine and was afraid they had died out.  This year they are every where, even some new colour combinations.

These are my favourites.  They are so pretty and delicate.  These ones are in Ella's fairy garden and are a favourite of the fairies too (so Ella tells me).

These are from the columbine family and are called granny's bonnets.

My roses took a bit of a beating this winter, but most seem to have survived.  But somehow they all seem to have gone back to their original form.  They all seem to be flowering like this??  I need to get some new bushes to replace the dead ones.

Jack-in-the-pulpit has made it's appearance again this year.

And of course, it couldn't be a Farm Girl post without a picture of the Farm Girly.  Here's Ella in her outdoor kitchen.  Yes, it was cool enough for a hoodie yesterday!  So hard to believe tomorrow is the first of summer, usually by then I'm happy to start counting down until fall.  NOT that I'm complaining.  My lungs are very happy not to have to breathe through the humidity.

And what's an outdoor kitchen without a fire pit too.  Funny thing, this is in the same location that Colin used to have little campfires and cook hot dogs.  Shows the difference in parenting though, because Ella's fires are only pretend.

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