Friday, May 2, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -2 May 2014


Farm Girl Friday and we are still looking for spring up here in the Ottawa Valley.

Out for our nature walk.  Have to stay on the grassy weedy spots to keep from sinking in the mud.  Rain boots are a must.

Must be spring coming, the Snake River is now up in the bottom of our fields.  We were hoping to go for a canoe last weekend.  But we can't get the truck (with canoe) close enough.  The fields are so wet.  Really need them to dry (and warm) soon, time's ticking for planting wheat.

Our part of Fletchington Farms is about 100 acres (Dad still owns the rest).  It used to be 3 small farms, the train station (for Snake River) and a church (right on the corner of hwy 17 and Poff Rd).  This is the remains of one of the old houses.

This is the old barn from one of the other old farms.  This one is over by the highway.  It doesn't look too bad from this angle, but it's waiting to blow down in a big storm.

We actually DO have some green grass!

Not too much spring outside, so we set up our spring nature table.  Grandpa found us some pussy-willows down by the river and they always make me think 'spring'.

Someday we might have some flowers to add to the table .

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