Friday, March 7, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -7 March 2014

Just a short Farm Girl Friday today, before the Farm Girly and I head for southern Ontario to visit Auntie Belinda for her birthday.
The Farm is still buried under the snow with no sign of spring.  This is a picture of the snow at Grandma's house.  Ella calls this her 'snow tree house'.  To give you a little perspective, Grandma's  piece of 'driftwood' is about 3 feet tall and only the top 20 inches is sticking out!  Ella loves being able to play in the tree.  I just hope the neighbour lady gets her son (who piled the snow) to remove a whack of it before it all starts to thaw.   The last time the pile this big was allowed to melt where it sits, it all ended up in Grandma's basement.  Not good when it's storage space for Grandma and me.
All that being said, we actually didn't get much snow this year and could have used some more.  It's just been so cold that when we got all that snow in December, it never melted!  Usually our snow comes and goes all winter.  There is lots of corn still in the countryside, so we could use a bit of a melt but we need the ground to stay frozen.  Combines don't float on mud well -ha ha.
Ella needs some warmer weather, she's climbing the walls needing outside.  Me, I'm just about ready to start seeing some of my snowdrops peaking through the ground.

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