Friday, March 28, 2014

Farm Girl Friday -28 March 2014


Farm Girl Friday this week is an update from the Farmer.  Well, kind of because it's still me doing the writing -ha ha!

The heirloom tomatoes are up and doing great.  We really need it to stop snowing and being cold because these little seedlings are going to want moved into the greenhouse soon.  Window sunlight and a grow light just aren't the same as real sunlight streaming through the greenhouse.  Colin had to dig out the greenhouse door just to get the pots to start planting this year.  We've got about 40 tomatoes on the go.  We're not doing Market this year since we don't have pork, so these are just for the family.  Since we won't be so busy with pork, I hope to get a lot more tomatoes canned and I think this year I need to make fruit relish.  I bought a dehydrator last year and only used it once to make sure it worked, I'll have to try tomatoes in it this year.  And of course, fresh from the garden.

Come on Spring!

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