Monday, March 31, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -31 March 2014


Wow, what a change from last week!  It is absolutely gorgeous out today.  I have the windows open letting fresh air and sunshine in the house.  Though with all that sunshine I can see how dirty the house has gotten over the winter.  We've actually got one of the houses that still require an old fashioned 'spring cleaning'.  The grain stove just causes so much dust and dirt over the winter.  Every thing needs a good wash.  Colin's got a great day for his seed cleaning job.  Last week he came home frozen to the core.

I've got the house to myself today.  Ella's over at Dad and Lorraine's for a sleep over.  It was just supposed to be 'watch her for a couple hours while I run to the doctor' but somehow turned into a sleep over.  Grandma Lorraine has a hard time saying no to Ella  :)

Still didn't try that new KFC-style chicken because it got turned into real KFC.  Oh well, it'll go back into the 'need to try' pile.  I had a really hard time making my menu plans yesterday.  My brain just didn't want to think of anything.  As always I have such a hard time coming up with lunches.  It has to be something filling enough to keep Colin going for the afternoon, but I'm not making 2 full 'supper' type meals a day.  Grocery day for the month on Wednesday, so I eventually came up with enough ideas.

corn chowder
hot chicken sandwiches
?? -maybe Greek
leftover casserole
chicken burgers (Janes)
French toast
meatloaf supreme (beef and sausage meat)

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