Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yarn Along -5 February 2014

I don't know how busy Momma's find time to read.  I used to read so much but these days I rarely open a book of my own.   It's partially because I feel rude to be reading and 'ignoring' whoever else is in the room.  At least with my knitting I can follow/participate in conversations or enjoy a movie with Ella/Colin.  Maybe some day I'll have time to hide myself away and lose myself in a book.  Here's this week's Yarn Along.

Finished up a TARDIS hat for Teresa's new fellow.  This is such a quick and easy knit (if I do say so myself).  

Been working a little bit on my scarf but I'm really spending time on an embroidered piece.  Obviously it's for Ella but I'll show you the finished project later  :)

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