Monday, February 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday -24 February 2014

Well, between Ella having her cold and Momma and Daddy being half sick (stuffy heads and SO TIRED), anything past the potato soup last week likely didn't get made.  It was enough that we actually got fed every day.  Ella is well on her way to recovery but Daddy and I still feel 'half sick'.  Barely sick enough to take anything but yucky enough to not want to do anything.
Ella had such a fabulous time at Brownie camp this weekend.  And I survived too (ha ha).  She took her camera and I'll have to see if there are any pictures of camp that I can share with everyone.  This weekend Ella has her very first sleepover with her very best friend Alex.  It's a hot tub/spa/skating/sleep over so Ella is very excited.
Oh yeah, I did manage to get some bread made last week.  We use only white flour, so I like to try and find good oatmeal breads because they are at least a little better for us.  But I'm not a big molasses fan (unless it's gingerbread) so most oatmeal breads don't work.  Well I found this one and it is delicious.  I used butter instead of coconut oil, we don't use 'odd' ingredients like that and obviously I used white not whole wheat.
So here's the plan for this week, no promises though  :)
grilled cheese
French fries (Actifry)
pork chops
hot dogs
roast beef
tuna sandwich
chicken burger
leftover roast beef
What's cooking over at the Organizing Junkie??

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