Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Want it to Snow!

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Hold on, hold on, hear me out before you start to throw things at me  :)  Those of you who know me, know that I only let people complain about summer or winter.  I'm not really complaining about the winter.

  I am so very tired of being so very cold (as is Auntie Leila).  For it to snow, we would have to warm up a whole lot.  So our Real looks like this:

Ella has been stuck in the house for days.  It's just been so cold and very windy I've been afraid to let her out to play.  Today is supposed to be better, so maybe I'll bundle her up and send her out for a little while.  
I had a bit of a spring cleaning urge this weekend.  So I sent Ella to Grandma's.  I had to do this because to clean the craft room I have to pull everything out and stuff it some where else (Ella's room).  

Finally I have all my yarn sorted by size and in one room.  All the plastic boxes (on the dresser) and a couple of the paper boxes -wow.  I've also got my other craft supplies (embroidery/tatting/etc) in labeled boxes.  This is as much of the room as I can share right now, but you have no idea what an improvement it is, which makes me so very Happy.  Now to tackle the fabric boxes...

Cleaning you never know what you will find.  I knew I had a drop spindle somewhere.  I found it and it is now in a labeled box.

Speaking of long forgotten things...  I found 2.3 m of this knitted lace.  I have NO IDEA what I was making it for??  Now what to do with it.  I don't like to cut knitted lace, it's not as easy to cut as crocheted.

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