Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yarn Along -9 October 2013

Yarn Along

For Yarn Along this week I have a few things to share.

yarn along 9 Oct (1000x750)

These are the gloves for my SIL to go with the toque to keep her warm hunting.

yarn along 9 Oct 2 (1000x750)

Niece Brittany gets a little fancier gloves.  These will go with her ear warmer headband because she's still too young to realize being warm (in the middle of the woods) is more important than being fashionable  :)  I figured that out after 7 month long winters in London, Ontario at university.

yarn along 9 oct 3

Next is a toque for my BIL.  Sorry for the blurry picture, it looked much better on the camera.  I'm making some 'manly' fingerless gloves for him too.

With Ella being a very excited Brownie, we have been reading stories from my Brownie Handbook.  Wow how Brownies have changed!

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