Friday, October 25, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -23 October 2013

Farm Girl Friday
Nothing too exciting for Farm Girl Friday this week.  Still in catch-up mode from being away last weekend I guess.
watermelon (1000x750)
Here's the Farmer with his prized watermelon this year.  He's already eaten a few of the small ones, but this one we shared for Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.  Certainly a lot better than last year's melon.
I was looking for some pictures and I stumbled upon this one.  Look at my little cutie.  It's the day before she turned 8 months.  This is one of Daddy's smaller giant pumpkins.
Ella in the corn
I like to post this picture from time to time as a warning to parents.  Especially those who have moved to a farm and have no idea of the dangers.  What's dangerous about a corn field?  The fact that you can't see Ella standing there, just 2 rows in wearing a bright pink windbreaker!  Non-farmers don't realize how easy it is for a child to get lost in a corn field.  Luckily Ella is old enough now that I don't worry about this any more.

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