Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yarn Along -23 October 2013

Yarn Along
Yarn Along this week is another Christmas present and involves a little bragging.  I have finished up the scarf/shawl for my new MIL Lorraine.  It's my own pattern.

yarn along 30 (750x1000)

I didn't get a chance to block it yet.  We were in Toronto over the weekend and it didn't get done before I left.  I know I said it didn't need blocked, but I'm just going to block gently so that it looks it's best when Lorraine unwraps it.  Besides, a rinse will likely make the cashmere puff and be even more glorious.  This yarn is beautiful.

Now for the bragging part.  Those of you who are on Ravelry will know that on the 'search patterns' page there is the 'your pattern highlights' section where they show you lots of patterns similar to the projects you make/look at.  Well on October 18th, my Stepmother's Scarf was one of the highlighted patterns!!  I thought that was so cool!

Not really reading anything right now.  I'm very busy trying to get Ella's Halloween costume finished and get back at school work.

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