Monday, October 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday -28 October 2013


Menu Plan Monday sees the Valley getting a little bit of ‘snain’ this morning.  Not much of anything but enough to send Ella into panic mode because she doesn’t want snow for Halloween.  Hopefully the sun comes out and the wind continues because Colin has to do beans for a neighbour and they have to be dry enough.
Back to school this week.  After being sick and then being away, we’re a bit ‘behind’.  But of course not really because we work on our schedule.
Speaking of being behind, last week should have been the start of the Christmas Countdown.  If you are new here, the Countdown gets us ready for Christmas the nearly pain-free way!  We do little bits for daily for six weeks and then we’re ready to relax and enjoy the Advent season and Christmas.  It’s so great to just sit back and watch the chaos at the stores instead of being in the midst of it all.  So here’s the link for week on of the Christmas Countdown.  Join me and have a stress-free Christmas.
wieners and beans
sausage and potato cakes
chicken a la king
Thursday:  Halloween!!!
leftover chicken
Friday:  All Saint’s Day
tuna sandwich
leftover meatballs
Saturday:  All Soul’s Day
leftover pie
leftover chicken cacciatore
More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie

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