Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yarn Along -1 May 2013

Wow it's the first of May already!!  I've got a bunch of pictures to share with everyone from our trip to Scarborough.  But we just got a new laptop while down there (BIL is my IT guy) and I'm still learning so you'll get the pictures in bits and pieces.
I'm sure I mentioned how excited I was to go to the Creativ Festival and how I hadn't been since marrying Colin and moving up here (10 years -yikes).  Well what a waste of time and money.  I have never been so disappointed in a 'needlework' show before.  There were literally 3 booths selling yarn.   And the one booth was selling Red Heart.  Red Heart yarn!!  I can buy that at my local Walmart!  I wanted gorgeous, independent, hard to find, beautiful fibre type yarn.  For a show that lists 'knit' as second in their title, I didn't think that was too much to ask.
Thank goodness for Google!  Needless to say back at my sister's in Scarborough I was an unhappy camper.  But then I remembered the Yarn Harlot mentioning something knitting related going on in Toronto on Saturday.  A quick Google search resulted in the 2013 Kniter's Frolic.  It was literally 6 km from my sister's house and was half the price of Creativ!  Well, I walked in the door and discovered where all the real yarn people were.  There were 3 rooms of yarn!!!  And all the love knitting ladies (so polite and friendly).  It was almost yarn over-load.  I was a good girl and only got a bit of yarn.
CIMG5632 (800x600)
On the left is the yarn I got at Knitter's Frolic.  It's actually from a shop in Gatineau (beside Ottawa, formerly Hull).  They are called Turtle Purl and may be my new favourite sock yarn shop.  You will notice the two skeins in one wrapper??  That's because they dye the yarn TOGETHER that way your stripes will MATCH without too much trouble!!  And any one who really knows me will know how much that makes me happy  :)  I'm actually not making socks with these, I think I'm going to make a lace poncho for myself.  I just realized I have some more yarn that didn't make the picture.  I'll have to post it later.
The yarn on the right is some Berrocco Vintage.  It's for Ella to make this .  I know it's not cool and funky, but Ella grows too fast for that kind of yarn yet.  Oh yeah, don't tell Ella it's blue we're calling it teal because 'blue makes her sad'.
Knitters are funny folk.  Everyone there was wearing their knitted projects (except me) regardless of how hot it was in the building.  One old lady had a knitted dress on under her knitted sweater (though old ladies are often cold).  I even saw one 20-something girl wearing a ski bonnet -now that's desperate to show off.  I left my Icelandic shawl at my sister's because I knew it would be far too warm to wear in a building.  It's the same with dressing in winter, I'm past the age where I put fashion/showing off before comfort.
On the right is the start of a cat stuffy for Ella.  It's called Parlor Cat and I'm knitting it with the wool Ella dyed in her textile class.  She thought that was a great idea.  I only got the head and body done because I should have brought some stuffing with me.  I also got some work done on my stockings that have been languishing in my WIP pile.  I really should have made the graft bigger because it's so hard to read.  I know what you are thinking "Paula I you said you were never doing intarsia again".  Well these socks prove you should never say never.  If you love intarsia but hate intarsia, you've got to learn the Bulgarian way.  It is so easy and turns out so much nicer than my regular intarsia ever does.  I was working on another project, but that one will have to wait.  My sister tried on her sweater and really likes how it fits (I was concerned) now I just have to finish the sleeves.
And what would the trip to Scarborough be without a stop at Chapters in Peterborough.
DSCN0483 (800x600)
We have The Story of Me and My Grandma, I'm sure it's meant to be a Mother's Day gift but I'm going to aim for Christmas so we have time to fill it out nicely and find the right pictures.  Then we have Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist and Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll In The Universe (which is actually a new release).  And I even picked up a book for me, Rms Titanic: Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage.  I'm only 3 chapters in, but it's good.

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