Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -2 May 2013

pretty, happy, funny, real
Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -Scarborough edition.
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Ella and I dropped in at Auntie B's office (she had to work Friday morning).  I worked there for 8 years.  Wow, it's hard to believe I've escaped for longer than I was in!  We headed downstairs for the Subway.  Ella hasn't been on the subway since she was little.  We even got one of the new trains.
We whisked Ella off to her surprise location:
From the monstrosity on the outside, you would never know the beautiful building it's hiding.
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The dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum .  Ella had such a good time telling Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan all about the dinosaurs.
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They have some really cool displays.  I'm sure this was just by accident, but in the cretaceous display we found: Manny  (skeleton), Sid (stuffed), Diego (skeleton), Crash and Eddie (skeleton).  There was even the bad guy from "Meltdown" that tried to eat Manny.  Plus Fast Tony and his side kick (well his shell any way).  Ella thought that was so cool.
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There was even a cool dinosaur dig, though I think making them wear goggles a bit much.  Especially considering it was just Ella and another little girl.
Ella and Auntie Belinda are both born in February, so they had to pose by this giant amethyst.
Uncle Stefan had some great plans for Ella on Saturday (while we were in search of yarn).
They went to Lego World at the Vaughn Mills shopping mall.  Ella was beside herself  :)
Lego Toronto, with the ROM in the right hand corner (cool coincidence).  They even turned down the lights so the kids could see the city all lit up.
Getting her 'ticket' for her first every 3D movie.  Ella really loved the 3D effects.
Ella and one of the girls from her Friends Lego.
Ella had such a good time with Uncle Stefan.  It was a little stressful for Momma because this is the first time she's been out with someone that isn't me or Grandma.  But I knew she was in good hands.

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