Friday, May 31, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -31 May 2013

Farm Girl Friday
Things are getting busy here on the farm.  Colin and Dad have all the corn and wheat planted.  They are still trying to get all of the soy beans in.  Actually there's a field of wheat that needs to go in, but it's much too wet.  Last week's rain did NOT help that field.
spring nature table (750x1000)
Our spring nature table now that the Easter season is over.  Wow the lilacs are beautiful this year, I wish they lasted longer when you bring them in the house.
Even though he's working really long days in the hot, non-air conditioned tractor...
good daddy (1000x750)
What is Daddy doing on his Sunday afternoon?  His only day 'off' when he should be resting and watching his NASCAR??
good daddy 2 (1000x750)
He was making the Farm Girlie so very, very happy!  Ella has wanted this swing set for years.  She has outgrown the old one (very old and unsafe) so we gave in a spoiled her.  She loves to use the picnic table for a farmers' market, especially when Momma has time to be many customers.
good daddy 3 (1000x750)
Ella really loves the 'tree house' part and the canopy.  It makes playing in the rain even more fun.  I don't understand the appeal of playing in the rain - I melt in the rain  :)
silver poplar snow 2 (1000x750)
Look snow!!  Not really, just kidding.  This is just the 'snow' from the silver poplar.  It makes such a mess and piles up everywhere.  No wonder I can't breathe most days.  Oh well, the next good rain will clean up the yard.

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