Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm Girl Friday -17 May 2013

Farm Girl Friday

The Farm Girl and the Farm Girlie had a whole lot of excitement this morning.  In the middle of our recorder playing there was a big bang and then the whole house began to shake.  I thought for a second it was farm equipment but then realized it was much much bigger and way too long.   Ella and I high-tailed it outside (our house wasn't that well built 106 years ago).  The ground was still shaking when we got outside.  Ella was terrified the house was going to fall down and upset because we had left Kitty Cat inside.
Turns out we were feeling a 5.2 earthquake that was centered just across the river in Shawville.  A few minutes layer there was a 4.2 after shock.  Ella wasn't impressed with that either.  Apparently the Ottawa river is a fault line and Colin says the lake behind us is another.  
There is such a difference between 5.2 and 4.2, the aftershock just felt like the combine was driving by.  I would hate to go through a 'big one'.  I hope this is the last one for quite a while.

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